Monday, February 1, 2010

LegalTech 2010: Turn Your Digital Landfill into a Green Field

Turn your Digital Landfill into a Green Field: Focus on Compliance not Technology (keynote presentation by Russ Stalters)

·         Information Management

·         Don’t hoard unstructured Information

·         “40% of firms print e-docs & file as paper record” AIIM 2009

·         Form an Information Governance Council

o   Legal

o   IT

o   Compliance Officer

·         Building the Green Field

o   Managed Repository

o   Digital Lamination

o   Access Control

o   Legal Hold

o   Disposition/ Retention Policies

o   Create a Datamap connected to the business process

o   Define Custodians of the Process

·         Change the Culture

o   Establish a 6mth to 1yr retention policy

o   Create a Move Plan

§  Practice

§  Implement

§  Audit

·         Close the Landfill

·         Mitigate or Migrate

o   Consider deduplication rules

o   Adding Search Technology



In my opinion Mr. Stalters view are directly in line with the changing scope of our industry focus from e-discovery to pre-discovery and early case assessment. The most simplistic way to lower cost associated with legal matters is to reduce your exposure by have policies that work. The need to keep and retain data beyond the legal requirement must be governed from the inside out. Corporations that get it will see their overall corporate costs decrease that relate to storage of unstructured data and legal fees to sift through the data in response to a legal matter.


This is not about technology yet it’s about managing humans to comply with the technology and practices in place. Think about this concept, you could pay an Information Governance Officer or your could pay millions in legal fees …. Seems simple to me … You??