Friday, December 25, 2009

The Sabbatical Pledge

I'm thankful for the Team at Superior Document Services and its Partners as well as Clients who have been extremely supportive of me over the last 6 years (especially the last 6 weeks). This time away from direct daily communication with the team and clients has provided vision for how I must work to grow our future. The core of our business is strong enough to meet the demands of our industry though the brand building has been shy of marketable. The time has come to shed from the shell and take our dedication, experience and ethics to a larger stage.

I will let not the blocks of the last 6 years go to waste for lack of Faith. Bringing it in 2010 with the valor of a Spartan and the skill of the Trump.

The goal for this chapter is to inspire a paradigm shift in the market with innovative solutions built on experience for the implementation of products and resources at all service and support levels that keep costs in check!

Just as we celebrate the birthday of Christ today I now am able to celebrate a newness in me inspired by those who support me in all aspects of life. For He walks with me; He talks with me; my obedience shall light thy path.

inspire. innovate. implement.