Monday, September 14, 2009

"Why does eDiscovery cost so much?" ... Increase your knowledge and Reduce your Costs!

ARMA International and ILTA present the Legal Infrmation Technology Conference 2009. The Conference is being held in Orlando Florida and is focused to educate legal professionals on topics like information management, upcoming new regulations for information management and how to reduce the impact of cost associated to information management.

For the serious concious Legal Professional this conference should be added to the list. As well as the ARMA conference that will be simultaneously occuring at the same venue during same time. The $1,200 attendee fee and cost of travel are well worth the expense. Considering the knowledge to be gained and how it can the translate into saving $1,000's with regards to Legal Discovery Costs.

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Disclaimer: The Author has no affliation with ARMA International nor ILTA. The opinions are soley those of the Author based on common sense.