Saturday, June 27, 2009

Looking beyond the Glass Ceiling....

Today I had the opportunity to witness our future firsthand as I watched 37 open-minded teens from various backgrounds board a bus as they begin a journey to travel across the world. These kids represent our future just as we once did.

The difference is that they had no fear about traveling during this period of unstable economic and social discord throughout the world. Only adults fear what we see from afar. What they were most interested in was looking forward to seeing, meeting, and tasting heritage of another land. They were all eager to learn and share dreams for a building and leading a better tomorrow.

No matter your political, social or religious affiliation....our future is not determined by our path but by the path that was laid before us. Every decision we make will shape our history and set a stepping stone for another generation to build upon if they believe we made the right choice.

A few months ago admist hard work and a bleak financial forecast for the world economy, my family decided to make an investment. This investment we felt would provide the greatest ROI. We made it possible, with help from friends and family, for our child to be educated through hands-on real life experiences. For the next 3 weeks she will travel, live and learn with 36 teens of whom she has no prior affiliation and learn why heritage is important and how heritage shapes our planet.

During this time I ask that you join me and repeat a simple chant..."Thank you GOD for providing me the path to see touch and hear so that I can learn share and do your will. For this I shall stay steady in our walk to experience the fullness of Grace".