Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Smartest Idea Ever...Is it the right one?

Today I celebrate 14 years of marital bliss (see photo to the left). A commitment that is built on the happiness of a friendship; not sprouted about from a wild love affair. Two people that slowly developed into a family...ok... maybe not that slow... as we did have a kid before the ring.

Why does any of that matter?

As I continue to mature in this space I am faced continuously with those only committed to making a name for themselves with no regard to providing a service or creating a legacy for others to build upon. There is a tremendous amount of technology today that provides the means to keep costs at a minimum by having Intellectual Consultants/Partners wade through the technological windstorm and identify the right methods to accomplish the smarter review....smarter productions.

The challenge is being able to admit when you're not moving in the right SMART direction...for the more time one tarries over CHANGE...the damage of not having an exit strategy is just not smart no matter the amount of technological or intellectual resources one might possess.

The major components to a successful marriage are simple; open COMMUNICATION...unyielding COMMITMENT to longevity...accepting the CHANGE from I to We...

Our fruitfulness and growth in Christ
Won't happen instantly,
But meditating on God's Word
Will bring maturity.

Salvation is the miracle of a moment; growth is the labor of a lifetime.

May the God of all grace, . .after you have suffered a while, perfect, establish, strengthen, and settle you. —1 Peter 5:10