Monday, October 6, 2008

Is the time now for a realignment?

It has been a while since I have been inspired to post something that I feel would benefit the readers of my opinions. Just recently I have had the joyous privilege to travel abroad for business; experienced sadness in the passing of a close "Mother" like employee; excitement at the hands of a new service solution for the Superior product line; the resignation of an employee with high potential to "grow"; hope for business expansion; and finally cancer stricting and claiming life from two family members. All occurring in the past 30 days, including my 14 year old daughter just figuring out boys are cute and my 2 year old son finding the only wall with flat paint to color with crayola.

These events coupled with the world around us and the challenges of the stock market, global economic woes, Presidential "contests" and more cause me to reflect within. With regards to being successful and feeling successful.

The majority of the world measures success by experience, money and power or their dominance over others. This is not success in my opinion, for it is the primary reason why we experience the feeling of failure and has shaped our world in such a way that every so often we must get realigned with reality.

As I didn't read the full "rescue" package signed into law the other week; nor did most of the politicians including the President. Their "advisors" did. The few snippets that I did read truly made me sad about what "we" consider as priorities.

You see I have a simple approach for how I view and measure success. The following is just a snippet of my chosen view:

Success begins with the core value of the individual and or business. Based on a few principles that are instilled in one through rearing or defined in a mission statement or email "tag" line. When we stray from the core we must be prepared with a fail safe plan or be ready for the fall out.

The second measure is the ability to spread and share knowledge with a mentoring spirit to those you encounter. The true test in this principle is not how one might immediately receive or apply the knowledge but how it is carried on through them in your absence. The root of experience.

Lastly success is measured by the ultimate "Advisor" and the basic principles that have been set forth in a path leading towards our horizontal time of rest. In which direction will your spirit travel?

In the midst of writing this expression, I have yet learned of GOD deciding to call a member of my family HOME and this realization of GOD's grace has come upon me....

GOD grants us the greatest gift of creating LIFE for us to enjoy for a number we know not in accordance to HIS will and grace. When HE calls we must respond without fear such that our obedience in FAITH shall create the path by which we prepare for HIS ultimate calling...the day in which HE calls us HOME in no specific order. It is up to us to raise our/HIS children to follow HIS example in order to insure we have our ticket stamped at the GATE. I pray for you and yours and ask you pray the same for all others. Don't wait to repent and give yourself to HIM for you will never know your number.

We are so grateful for Family above all else. I do believe that the events over the last years and months and those most recently should cause many to get realigned with core values; in order to keep the future bright for each other. Don't allow the desire for success to be our Achilles' heal.

Thank you for reading my opinions and I hope that none have been offended. If so, charge it to my "Advisor".