Wednesday, July 16, 2008

MatterSpace(R) ELM Solution does it again!

I have spent the last few days aggressively educating my clients about Early Case Assessment solutions and managing the burden of ediscovery for litigation. As I continue to talk to more and more people regarding best practice methods and doing "smart discovery, smart collection and smart review"; i continue to hear " where were you two months ago when we was just a mess of electronic stuff and gave me headaches..."

As I continue my quest to share with my clients the knowledge that I have on the ediscovery subject matter, I constantly remind myself that with education comes more service. It is one thing for me to educate the client; it is even more prudent to make sure I don't let the knowledge go to waste.

The abridged case study below is a perfect example of allowing experts to provide solutions that will not only satisfy with today in mind; its more about being better prepared for the future

Business Wire - Press Release Deploy MatterSpace(R) ELM from WorkProducts in One Day for a Subprime Litigation Matter

A customer-oriented solutions provider dedicated to data management excellence, in partnership with WorkProducts, architect of the MatterSpace(R) Evidence Lifecycle Management (ELM) solution, today announced that they have recently deployed the MatterSpace(R) ELM solution in one day to provide a leading Bank with immediate preservation compliance and tremendous eDiscovery cost savings on a highly confidential subprime litigation matter.

This Bank's legal team is now able to manage all custodian preservation communications (legal hold notifications, acknowledgements, etc.), while enforcing preservation compliance through the targeted preservation crawl of data custodian's email, remote desktops, files, Sharepoint, archives, etc. MatterSpace also provides the Bank's legal team with file-level data chain of custody, de-duplication, indexing, analysis, search, review & tagging, and export of relevant data in a snap to outside counsel's discovery review system, LexisNexis Concordance. Additionally, the Bank's preserved and produced data is ready for compressed and encrypted storage.

"...provisioning and deploying the MatterSpace Services Edition solution to this Bank is proof positive that behind the corporate firewall, ELM technology that is secure and stable provides corporations tremendous risk reduction, not to mention cost savings,"..."For corporate legal/IT/Information Security departments of any size, with all types of litigation, this product is a perfect fit." "This ...deployment proves that the WorkProducts ELM Ecosystem's utilization of MatterSpace integrated with their products and services provides tremendous risk mitigation and value to corporate legal/IT/Information Security departments," says Steve Lilley, Founder and CEO of WorkProducts, Inc. "...a preeminent disk-to-disk online backup provider that has not only provided this Bank with a seamless deployment behind the firewall, but has also provided efficient and accessible storage for such MatterSpace preserved evidence."

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